Ritzville Police Department Dispatch Reports: Feb. 7, 2019


February 7, 2019

Jan. 20, 19:35 — The PD responded to a residential fire on South Adams and assisted the Fire Department with traffic control as needed.

Jan. 21, 10:38 — A complainant was received from a subject who had been looking at purchasing a vehicle online that would be shipped to him after payment. The information received indicated it was most likely a scam with a request to make payment on eBay. The complainant was able to determine this was the beginning of a scam and it was confirmed by the initial investigation.

Jan. 21, 13:00 — A complainant was received from a subject advising of suspicious activity behind a local business on Main Ave. in the alley. He observed wires that were coming off a power pole leading into a white van. An officer responded and contacted a subject that identified himself as an Avista employee that was working on fiber optic lines for Avista.

Jan. 22, 00:17 — A call was received from a local business advising a subject that was currently wanted on a Ritzville District Court warrant was the passenger in a vehicle in the drive-thru at the time of the call. An officer responded but was unable to locate the vehicle or subject.

Jan. 22, 03:40 — A call was received from a residence on East 6th Avenue, advising there were guys downstairs in her house hauling stuff out. After an officer responded it was determined the resident may need medical attention and a Ritzville ambulance was requested and responded transporting the subject to the Ritzville Hospital. The residence was checked and there was no sign of a burglary or any other suspicious activity. The residence was secured and the officer left the scene.

Jan. 22, 08:40 — A call was received from a subject requesting assistance from an officer to gain entry into a residence that had been secured by the RPD the night before. This request did not warrant a call-out. When the officer reported for duty he contacted the complainant who advised he did not need to respond and that the problem had been taken care of.

Jan. 22, 16:05 — A request was received for an agency assist at the Adams County Jail regarding an unruly inmate. An officer responded and assisted the corrections officer as needed.

Jan. 22, 17:25 — A report of a traffic accident was received and an officer responded to the area of Weber Road and Galbreath Way. Upon arrival the officer observed a passenger vehicle had been westbound on Weber Road turning left (south) on to Galbreath Way. The road conditions were fresh snow with compact snow and ice underneath.

It was determined that there was very little speed involved but the driver applied her brakes after her front wheels were turned causing the right front wheel to make contact with the curb causing disabling damage to the vehicle. The owner called a tow truck and the vehicle was removed. No citation was issued and there were no injuries.

Jan. 22, 20:51 — An officer was dispatched to a semi-truck blocking Smitty Blvd. near Bauman Road. Upon arrival the officer noted a semi-truck had lost traction on the fresh and compact snow and ice and was unable to continue up Smitty Blvd. The Ritzville Fire Chief was in the area and assisted the semi-truck driver with installing his chains so he would be able to continue. There was no damage or injuries reported and the officer cleared as soon as the semi-truck was able to move.

Jan. 22, 22:25 — A request for an officer to respond to assist an employee at a local truck stop was received as a semi-truck had been blocking the trailer RV dump and refused to move his truck after two requests. An officer was dispatched but before his arrival the complainant called back and advised he moved his truck after she told the driver the officer was on the way.

Jan. 23, 12:05 — A citizen turned in a wallet that was found at a local fast food restaurant. The officer made contact, taking possession the wallet. There was enough information to locate the owner’s trucking company, who called the driver. He returned and claimed the wallet. There was not anything missing.

Jan. 23, 14:55 — An officer was dispatched to contact a subject who reported her driver’s license had been stolen. It was determined her license and other information had been provided to the hospital staff last night. The license was located in the complainant’s wallet and the officer cleared.

Jan. 23, 15:32 — A report of a dog at-large near the water park was received. An officer responded and checked the area, but was unable to locate the dog.

Jan. 23, 17:00 — A report was received from a residence on East 3rd Avenue that her stepson was at her house and was not welcome. She told him to leave but wondered why an Adams County Deputy dropped him off at her residence. The subject had been located in the county and requested to be transported and dropped off at the residence. The subject had already left upon the officer’s arrival. The officer advised the complainant she may want to contact the courts and request a restraining order.

Jan. 24, 04:37 — A report was received from a residence on East 6th Avenue advising someone had been in her car that was parked in the garage since 01:00. The officer checked the garage and found the car in the garage all locked up with no signs of anything suspicious having taken place.

Jan. 24, 09:09 — A call was received requesting a welfare check on a residence on East 2nd Avenue as the neighbor had not seen anyone around for four days and there are dogs in the residence. The resident was contacted by phone and advised her son was supposed to be taking care of the animals. She will contact him and make sure he goes over to take care of the dogs.


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