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Federal firearms license allows Jingling to complete transactions locally


CHARLES JINGLING is now licensed to complete firearms transactions within the City of Ritzville in order to allow residents to keep business locally. -Journal photo by Katelin Davidson

Eastern Washington residents will no longer have to travel a long distance to purchase a firearm, but now can utilize a local resource to help complete the transaction. Ritzville resident Charles Jingling recently obtained his federal firearms license (FFL), which allows him to legally assist with firearm transactions.

Jingling has been considering obtaining the license for nearly 10 years, as there is not a place locally where residents can complete a firearms transaction. The customer will purchase the gun, but manufacturers can only ship the firearm to an FFL, which is where Jingling’s services are utilized.

Jingling charges $30 per transaction, which also includes the legal transferring of a firearm between private parties. For customers buying from a licensed dealer, Jingling will complete a background check and serve as the pickup location for the firearm, if the background check is approved.

Jingling explained he is not privy to the information of why individuals fail a background check, and only receives notification not to complete the transaction. He said sometimes there will be a “hold” on an individual, but he will never allow the firearm to leave with the customer until the background check is approved at the federal level.

“Just maybe someone who shouldn’t have a gun, this can stop them or at least slow them down,” Jingling explained about his role.

Gun owners are only allowed to legally purchase a firearm through an FFL or at a gun show. Jingling is hoping that his role will allow responsible gun owners to keep business locally.

“Right now people leave town and don’t do transfers like that here. This keeps business in town,” Jingling explained.

Jingling’s largest passions in life are trains and firearms, and he is enjoying the opportunity to work on train sets in the same location where he can conduct business as an FFL.

His wife Carol is assisting him with the venture, and Jingling said they will not “get rich” from the work, but are still able to help those in the community by providing a service that was previously unavailable.

Along with the FFL, Jingling has also completed his state and local licensing. In order to obtain his FFL, he explained he had to complete a form, undergo an ATF interview and ensure the security at his place of business was secure and adequate for him to have inventory.

Jingling explained he has limited inventory onsite, and because he conducts business in a residential district, he does not have signage outside advertising the business. All of the firearms are securely locked and stored, in addition to intensive security on the property, he stated.

Customers can call Jingling to set up an appointment or discuss the type of firearm they are looking to purchase. Jingling emphasized he will never pay for the gun himself, it is the responsibility of the customer.

He also stressed the importance that he has the right to refuse service to a customer. Jingling said there are a variety of reasons for why this can occur, but it is his priority to ensure firearms are being legally obtained by responsible gun owners.

“I am here to promote safe and responsible firearms use and possession,” Jingling stated, adding, “I am against gun control and I do support the second amendment.”

In the future, Jingling is hoping to partner with individuals who host firearms safety classes in the area. He encouraged everyone to receive firearm training before purchasing a gun.

Jingling is also registering online with larger sites and distributors, which will allow customers in the area to see that he is an FFL and allow them to complete the transaction locally. Out of state purchases will require the customer to pay sales tax, he added.

Jingling’s credentials are filed with the distributors he works with, with the state and the city, as well as at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. He also has the licensing posted in his business.

The business is open Monday through Saturday, and Jingling encourages customers to call and meet with him first. He explained while the FFL does allow him to sell long guns and ammunition, he will only be selling firearms locally.

Because of his proximity to the school district, and for additional safety measures, all purchased firearms must be unloaded and in a locked box before leaving the property. Jingling stressed his role is to provide safe and legal transactions, and takes his role seriously.

Jingling operates his business from his property on Division Street in Ritzville, and customers must call to make an appointment. After meeting with Jingling, he will conduct a background check and if approved, continue the transaction with the customer.

To contact Jingling about legally purchasing a firearm, call 660-0128 or 509-887-2155.


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