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Israel-Hamas war an example of religion gone bad

The Israel/Hamas situation is a perfect example of how losing touch with our religious and political traditions makes all of us sniveling idiots. Religion gone bad is the reason Jews and Muslims are at each other’s throats... — Updated 12/5/2023


'BIG WIRES' Act provides power benefits for Americans

The Building Integrated Grids With Inter-Regional Energy Supply (BIG WIRES) Act is a promising bipartisan bill in Congress that offers a wide range of benefits: reducing the risk of electrical power outages, lowering carbon... — Updated 11/28/2023


Health care professionals work to make us healthier

Physicians and health-care workers across the state have experienced unprecedented stress and hardship over the past several years. Despite this, physicians in Davenport and Odessa took and continue to take the time to help train m... — Updated 11/28/2023


Fake news isn't the problem

Our problem is not that there is too much “fake news.” Our problem is that too many people believe it. Fortunately, there is an “antidope” — epistemology , the theory of knowledge or “how we know what we know.... — Updated 9/26/2023


Trump fulfills emotional needs for supporters

Early in Barack Obama’s presidency, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced his most important achievement would be to make Obama a one-term president. Ever since, McConnell has opposed anything Democrats... — Updated 9/5/2023


Tourist enjoys downtown Ritzville

Last week, I received this card and wanted to share it with all of you. “Hello Mayor Kadlec… My name is Loraine, and I am traveling across the U.S. with my friend, and we stopped into your quaint town. Our first stop was the... — Updated 8/29/2023


Fire, other personnel saved Ritzville

If you are unaware of what happened July 17 or the scope of the tragedy, take a short road trip up West Main Street onto VanVleet Road and down Gun Club Road. Look all around you and across the freeway. It is hard to believe our... — Updated 8/8/2023


Brainwashing before our eyes

Solomon Asch performed some exceptional psychology experiments in the 1950s. His experiments showed the power of conformity when people sometimes agree with a group’s opinion, even when shown evidence the group is wrong. In the... — Updated 7/18/2023


Don't give into late-night cravings

Why should Americans sit on our hands while fast food companies push late-night feasting with messages like “Give in to your cravings.” Late-night eating is against all good sense and medical advice. Unregulated advertising is... — Updated 7/11/2023


Tax cheats aided in debt ceiling fight

The federal debt ceiling crisis was averted, but tax cheats benefited. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 contained $79 billion for the Internal Revenue Service, $45 billion of it was to audit individuals or businesses making... — Updated 6/20/2023


Urge Congress to reform energy permits

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which allocated $386 billion for clean energy, is a major breakthrough in our nation’s struggle to address climate change. The IRA can decrease our carbon emissions 40% by 2030, putting us... — Updated 6/6/2023


Republicans threaten democracy

President Joe Biden is seeking re-election. I wish he were younger and I might favor other Democrats — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and 2020 presidential contenders Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker come to mind. But Biden’s... — Updated 5/16/2023


Recognize school board members

One of the many blessings of living in rural, Eastern Washington is working with great people. In this month of recognizing the selfless sacrifice of school board directors, I feel privileged to work for and with 10 of the best who... — Updated 1/24/2023


President Biden deserves some credit

Give President Biden some credit for mid-term election Democratic successes when most everyone predicted otherwise. Instead of focusing on himself, he quietly avoided states where he’s unpopular and helped Democrats win... — Updated 11/21/2022


Disappointed Biden and USDA offer beeg grants

I was disappointed to learn President Joe Biden’s USDA is giving out more than $223 million in grants and loans to expand the nation’s slaughter capacity. Instead, the department should have invested these funds into... — Updated 11/16/2022


President Biden deserves credit for election

Give President Joe Biden some credit for mid-term election Democratic successes when most everyone, including the media, predicted otherwise. Instead of focusing on himself, he quietly avoided states where he’s unpopular and... — Updated 11/16/2022


With election over, normalcy should return

The midterm elections are over and the ballots should be counted, except for the ones mailed late yesterday. If you have to wait until the last minute to make up your mind on who to vote for, then it makes me wonder if you waited... — Updated 11/8/2022


Mark Weigand should return to the City Council

Mark Weigand is well aware of the issues which face Ritzville and the issues which the majority of the city councils have taken over the years that have had negative consequences for the residents of Ritzville. Mark Weigand has... — Updated 8/24/2021


Hopeful for a Sporting Future

I have this picture in my head that life as we knew it will be coming back to normal. I’m in Gilson Gymnasium at the start of a basketball game with either Colfax or Liberty, the two teams are warming up, the band is filing in, f... — Updated 1/26/2021


Recall Traitor Dan Newhouse!

This election was a crossroads to determine whether we returned to a democratic republic with Christian traditions; or a socialist totalitarian state run by big corporate monopolies, say like Nazi Germany, or China. Note there are... — Updated 1/21/2021

 By Dede Boyer    Opinion


It has come to my attention that someone reported “Jakes” for allowing the truckers to come in and eat. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? These road heroes are on the road and in their trucks 8- 10-and even 12 hours at time, in rain,... — Updated 1/7/2021


Local Donations

During last year’s holiday season, I submitted a letter to the Journal appealing to those in our communities to consider donating to our local non-profit organizations. I would like to again encourage your readers to do the same... — Updated 12/10/2020


Parks & Recs Pool Levy

On November 3, 2020, Adams County residents will be given another opportunity to vote for the Ritzville Water Park pool levy, running a second maintenance and operation levy that did not pass in August. It is important for us to... — Updated 10/9/2020


Voting Authority

It seems quaint now, the arguments we used to have whether these United States was a republic or a democracy. The citizens of the state of Washington are now ruled by an authoritarian. We may be allowed to vote for the... — Updated 9/2/2020


Freedom over government

Perhaps the members of the Ritzville City Council have allowed City Hall to be opened to the citizenry. If so, this would be good news. Our “public” buildings should not have been closed. The revolution of 1776 was NOT fought... — Updated 8/18/2020


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