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 By Dale Anderson    Sports 

Getting better

I think that most people look at the coming week and will either be excited or maybe a bit apprehensive. If your calendar looks like ours does, you would most likely think really?... — Updated 2/25/2021

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

Confession of an Eagles fan

There are times when I get upset with something I hear or read,and I immediately want to voice my opinion. It's a natural reaction whether it is personal, political or community... — Updated 2/16/2021

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

Age doesn't matter

After writing last week’s column it occurred to me that I have been submitting this weekly blurb, well I’ve missed a few as well, since the fall of 2004 when Jake Kragt and his... — Updated 2/11/2021

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

Jake from…

When it comes to recognizing athletes and teams from the past, EWU goes out of its way to make sure credit is given. That is one of the things that I missed about not having a... — Updated 2/4/2021

 By Dale Anderson    Opinion

Eventual Fan

It has certainly been a tough year for sports, and by that I mean the many great figures that have passed away; many of these people were hall of fame athletes. I believe that... — Updated 1/26/2021

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

A career from home

Since baseball got started in July, announcing games has changed a whole bunch. TV announcers would not travel with the team, but would do the play by play and color commentating fr... — Updated 1/21/2021

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

Adjusting on the run

Throughout this ridiculous pandemic, we see some amazing changes taking place. The Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game while basically doing all of... — Updated 1/14/2021

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

For what it's worth

A few weeks ago I was listening to a sports radio program that was focusing on the career of Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson. The host was doing some comparisons to... — Updated 1/7/2021

 By Dale Anderson    Opinion

I heard that

Do you remember the time when going to a bowl game was what every school desired? With C-19 and everything that goes along with it, bowl games seemingly don’t mean that much this... — Updated 12/30/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Opinion

Look on the bright side

I’m sure that as you look at the title to this particular column, you are probably thinking I need to be slapped. Fair enough. I guess it would be in all of our best interests to... — Updated 12/23/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Opinion

Greener pastures

Yes, even in a pandemic, the time of the season when football coaches are fired is upon us. You remember just three, four, five or six years ago when the athletic director walked... — Updated 12/17/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

Plan B or C-19

The bizarreness of this year just continues. The NFL has been rescheduling games because of COVID-19. This season the NFL has played games on Thursday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and... — Updated 12/10/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

Seasonal Adjustment

Thanksgiving weekend is usually the time that we get to watch big tournaments in Hawaii and other venues where big time college basketball players are on display for the entire... — Updated 12/3/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Sports


There is an old saying that news travels fast. But it seems that bad news travels even faster with no brakes. Today’s subject is, of course, the wedding. We first heard about it... — Updated 11/25/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

Can you hear me now?

Every so often I get a message from someone that likes my column, or thought I missed the point about a certain subject. When I get these I think, “Well at least they are reading... — Updated 11/19/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

It does matter

I’m sure that most of you have seen the beer commercial that has one guy bringing a beer to his buddy, and one for him. There is a football game that is shown on the TV. The beer... — Updated 11/12/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

Long time for a short season

It was definitely a season like no other, battling C-19 and a shortened 60-game schedule. The Los Angeles Dodgers survived the first 16-team baseball tournament played in a sort of... — Updated 11/5/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

Plenty of Seats Available

We have finished week 7 of NCAA college football, and teams like Army have played seven games, and the Big 10 and Mountain West Conference (MWC) have played their first. Several... — Updated 10/27/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

Pace Yourself

It has been difficult to get excited about watching football on TV. I know that I said I would be a fan and watch, but if the team that you really support isn’t playing then it... — Updated 10/9/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

Best Effort

We often hear of famous people who have passed away, but if we weren’t around when they were famous, those names really don’t mean much. We all know who LeBron James, Mike Trout... — Updated 10/1/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

The Bandwagon

This has been a very crazy year, to say the least. A lot of people can’t wait for the elections to be over, or for the calendar to turn over to 2021. I’m hoping to get to... — Updated 9/24/2020

 By Dale Anderson    News

Saturday afternoons

Have you ever wondered why you became a fan of certain teams? I had a cousin who was a huge Yankee fan even though he lived in this area. Did it have something to do with winning? I... — Updated 9/17/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Sports

The COVID-19 Puzzle

Throughout this whole weird situation that we’ve been stuck with, having things to keep one occupied has been important. My wife and I have spent a lot of time outside. I believe... — Updated 9/2/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Opinion

What day is it?

If you are anything like me, and for your sake I hope you are not, you are trying to remember what day of the week and month it is. We don’t need to be reminded that it is 2020. B... — Updated 8/27/2020

 By Dale Anderson    Opinion

And the answer is...

More than one person has told me that they wish 2020 would just go away, and some wish it would have never happened at all. I know it has been rough, especially for those people... — Updated 8/18/2020


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