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 By Dale Anderson    Sports    February 14, 2019 

Worst Seat In The House: If you are good enough...

To say the least, it has been an interesting week for all of us. You remember Groundhog Day? Apparently the groundhog didn’t see his shadow this year and spring was going to be just around the corner for us. Why are we paying attention to what a...


Worst Seat In The House: Why quit now?

I live in an interesting home. On Saturday my wife and I were in the car and I mentioned something about the Super Bowl and she asked when it was going to happen. I said, “Tomorrow!” She laughed and wondered if I was going anywhere to watch the...


Worst Seat In The House: How to stay undefeated

College football has ended with the final two championship games. The FCS version saw North Dakota State drop EWU on January 5th and on Monday January 7th Number 2 Clemson upset Number 1 ranked Alabama in the College Football Playoff game. The...


Worst Seat In The House: Winning matters

The annual what have you done for me lately portion of professional football has come and gone as numerous coaches have been fired and the latest and greatest offensive or defensive coordinator is being pursued and interviewed. Oh and some of the...


Worst Seat In The House: Controlled emotions

Over the years I’ve seen a real change in sports when it comes to celebrations and emotional breakdowns. For whatever reason it seems to me that every first down in football or three point basket or dunk leads to an emotional outburst, such as...


Worst Seat In The House: Getting old fast

I think every sports fan has a favorite sports announcer for the big game. There have been some good ones and a few that I tend to roll my eyes and turn the volume down when I hear them talk. I guess I’m a little like Joe Friday from Dragnet when...


Worst Seat In The House: Good memories

If you have been following along with this column you would know that I’ve been traveling to Cheney to watch the NCAA FCS football playoffs. And if you have paid attention you would also know that the Eagles will be headed to Frisco, Texas in Janua...


Worst Seat In The House: The way it should be

One of the things that I wish is to have been able to play in the high school football playoffs but those wouldn’t happen until four years after I graduated. I enjoy watching playoff games with match ups between teams that typically never play agai...


Many thanks

I think we’ve all said it before but here goes again, “What happened to the year?” Here we are at Thanksgiving time once again wondering if we accomplished all of those things or at least one or two of those things on our New Year’s...


A missed opportunity

It wasn’t the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but I did write a column last week. It didn’t make it into the paper because for some odd reason I forgot to send it. Laugh if you must but sometimes being retired means not having... Full story


Serious changes

It was quite the Saturday for local college football teams. The Whitworth Pirates remained unbeaten and atop the Northwest Conference dropping the Pacific Boxers 37-19 at the Pine Bowl and EWU humbled the Idaho Vandals 38-14 during the Homecoming... Full story


Flag wavers

I would have to say that if you were to order up a day to host ESPN Game Day you couldn’t have asked for anything better than what arrived Saturday morning in Pullman. As they say it was a Chamber of Commerce kind of day with no wind, rain, snow... Full story


Don't ever forget

It was announced over the weekend that Washington State University would be hosting ESPN’s Game Day in Pullman on Saturday morning starting at 6:00 a.m. By way of Oregon’s upset victory over the Washington Huskies, Saturday’s game is very...


Watching for fun

I got to see some good football this weekend. The EWU Eagles played Southern Utah in a game that started at noon local time. Since the game started that early and as long as Eagle games normally last I still got back home in time to watch the WSU... Full story


Head and Shoulders

It has been nearly two weeks ago when the WSU Cougars came up a bit short against the USC Trojans. Late in that game as the Cougars were driving for a possible go ahead touchdown or at least a game tying field goal, Coug QB Garner Minshew threw a pas... Full story


Be true to your school

Do you ever have a problem cheering for your favorite team? As Major League baseball winds down and the Mariners are eliminated from the playoffs, as fans we still want them to win don’t we? I was listening to the game on the radio on Sunday and st... Full story



It has been awhile since I watched Jeopardy but I remember that every once in a while they would have a category that was comprised of questions that were left over from previous shows. I can’t remember exactly what the category was called but...


Do you have an opinion?

Well it’s time once again for the NFL season and again there is a controversy with a few players still taking a knee when the National Anthem is being played and the American flag is on the field. The Dallas Cowboys owner basically told his players... Full story


The Best Seats in the House

It was another great weekend at the Wheat Land Communities’ Fair. I hope you spent a little time there. This is one of these few things we have that brings our communities together and it certainly is fun visiting with folks we may not have seen... Full story

 By Dale Anderson    News    August 30, 2018

The nice thing about fall

We made it through a few weeks of hot weather like we always seem to do. I know we complain about it, but that just helps us feel good about feeling bad. It happens every year because around here, we do have summer. But the one thing we don’t have... Full story

 By Dale Anderson    News    August 16, 2018

Good to be small

We went to the movie this past weekend at the Ritz. It was the 1956 John Wayne classic “The Searchers.” These movies are fun to go to and think about how films were made 60 years ago. We had a good time and hope that there will be more classic mo... Full story

 By Dale Anderson    News    August 9, 2018

Are you offended?

I see that plastic straw are being banned in some parts of the country because a lot of them or ending up in the oceans and becoming hazardous to sea life. I understand that the plastic doesn’t break down and is problematic. What I don’t... Full story

 By Dale Anderson    News    August 2, 2018

So Long

There are certain people that we meet in our lives that are unforgettable. They tend to make you laugh at their stories and make you think. You look at them and think their lives are something very unique. And it makes you feel good just knowing them... Full story

 By Dale Anderson    News    July 26, 2018

It was, and will be, entertaining

I talked a little about the Major League All-Star game last week and the Mariners that were chosen to play in the game. The Mariners came very close to having back-to-back MVPs. If you remember last year’s game you would have remembered that Robins... Full story

 By Dale Anderson    News    July 19, 2018

Stuff going on

We had company staying with us on the night that I usually write my column last week and I completely forgot to sit at the computer to rattle off a story. By the time I was reminded the next day, I didn’t have the time to come up with something....


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