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  • Washington lawmakers seek to professionalize birth-care doulas

    Azeb Tuji, Washington State Journal|Updated Feb 22, 2022

    OLYMPIA - Aijanae Young is a birth postpartum doula, a person who delivers non-medical care after birth. She said she didn’t realize the value she brought to her clients until she was the one in need. Young said before her doula arrived, she felt her pain and symptoms weren’t being addressed, and she had to fight to have the support she needed. “My doula listened to my cries, saw my struggles, she said. “I was afraid and suddenly didn’t know what to ask.” Doulas can provide physical, emotional, and informational support dur...

  • Child mental health gets attention

    Azeb Tuji, Washington State Journal|Updated Feb 22, 2022

    OLYMPIA – In the wake of the pandemic, Seattle Children's Hospital reports an increasing number of children need outpatient mental health treatment, but not enough providers exist to meet the demand. “The devastating consequence of the inability to access outpatient care is that you’re likely to get worse and need emergency department or crisis level care,” said Kashi Arora, from Seattle Children's Hospital. House Bill 1800, now under consideration in the state Legislature, creates a behavioral workgroup to identify barriers...

  • Washington Senate passes high-capacity magazines ban

    Azeb Tuji, Washington State Journal|Updated Feb 16, 2022

    OLYMPIA – In an effort to tackle gun violence and strengthen public safety, the state Senate passed legislation Feb. 9 that bans the sale of high-capacity magazines – anything over 10 rounds – but doesn’t prohibit the use of high-capacity firearms already in possession. “High-capacity magazines make it easy for shooters to inflict maximum damage by allowing more shots to be fired without needing to pause to reload. Because of this we see these accessories favored by mass shooters,” said Sen. Marko Liias D-Everett,...

  • Chemicals in cosmetics targeted in new law

    Azeb Tuji, Washington State Journal|Updated Jan 18, 2022

    OLYMPIA – For a large portion of Washingtonians, the use of cosmetic products is a part of their everyday routine, but some of those same household products often contain harmful chemicals that cause a variety of health risks. A bill now making its way through the Legislature will require manufacturers to adhere to more transparent label requirements. Similar bills that monitor and prevent the distribution of cosmetic products have already passed in California and Maryland. “It’s a simple bill that will have a huge impac...

  • Families press to put an end hazing

    Azeb Tuji, Washington State Journal|Updated Jan 18, 2022

    OLYMPIA – Sam Martinez, a freshman at Washington State University, was found dead from alcohol poisoning at his fraternity house just weeks into the 2019 school year. He was the victim of a hazing tradition at his fraternity. Now his mother is pressing for rules that would prevent future tragedies. Houtz said her goal since her son’s death has been to “try and save a life for the one that was taken from us two years ago.” According to Rep. Mari Leavitt, D-Pierce County, approximately 100 deaths associated with hazing have oc...

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