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Locals brave the rain for Bloomsday

Ritzville teens and adults compete in run

RITZVILLE — Twenty-two local residents were among the estimated 27,885 people competing in this year’s 48th annual Bloomsday run on Sunday, May 5.

The 7.46-mile course (12 kilometers) left many wet to the bone as they slogged the slippery streets of Spokane in a constant downpour and 45-degree temperatures.

1. Along the course, participants were regaled by bands singing gospel songs, accordion players and drummers playing folk tunes, rock’n’ rollers belting out oldies and pro-Palestinian protesters chanting their favorite slogans.

And, of course, there was the vulture at the top of Doomsday Hill.

Here are the unofficial times for Ritzville residents competing in the event: Jeff Cook, 00:58:55; Joseph Malby, 01:01:25; Damon Schilling, 01:03:36; Shawn Steinberger, 01:09:24; Colby Schell, 01:22:39; Soraida Schultz, 01:23:36; Dale Brown, 01:50:51; Scarlett Arlt, 01:51:46; Nancy Weber, 02:03:08; Michelle Keefer, 02:03:16; Michael Keefer, 02:03:59; Jon Wolf, 02:05:29; Paul Stone, 02:05:29; Jonathan Stromberger, 02:10:31; Temple Gefre, 02:11:26; Nicole Wolf, 02:15:02; Melissa Scoles, 02:16:31; Sarah Scoles, 02:16:32; Nicole Stromberger, 02:24:18; and Jessika Kidwell, 02:24:23.

Emilia Klewin and Nina Hanson were also registered for the race but finish times were not recorded.


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