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Cathy C. Goude

Cathy C. Goude

Mar. 23, 2024- Apr. 20, 1965

Cathy C. Goude passed away on Saturday, March 23, 2024, at the age of 58 at Kootenai Health with her family by her side.

Cathy was born in Jamestown, ND on April 20, 1965, to Father Don Schaible and Mother Bj Worden. Shortly after Cathy's birth her family moved to Washington in 1966. Cathy was the oldest of two sisters. Cathy loved her younger sister Audra Glowen, and often referred to her as "My first child". Cathy lived in or around Ritzville, WA for most of her childhood and all her high school years. As a child, Cathy loved to ride horses, she of...


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