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Ritzville Gun Club results

RITZVILLE — The Ritzville Gun Club hosted multiple events over the last few weeks.

Here are the results of each event:

Feb. 11 (52 shooters)

25 — Garrett Frederick and Matt Leffel

24 — Harlee Hennings

23 — Scott Yaeger, Scott Hennings, Dylan Nichols and Chris Green

22 —Jake Dewald, Scott Steinmetz, Tyler Frederick, Dale Swift, Jason Heider, Travis Simonson and Asher Cox.

21 — Conrad Bauer, John Stromberger, Hayes Hennings, Morgan Brausen, Cameron Benitz and Travis Dewald and Dave Breazeale

20 and under — Trevor Jantz, Matt Stokoe, Mike Stromberger, Kyle Bauer, Mike Geschke, BenGeschke, Colby S...


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