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Town of Washtucna Main Well


Description of proposal:

The Town of Washtucna proposes

to deepen their Main

Well (which experienced a mechanical

failure due to increased

drawdown in September 2020)

to increase available drawdown

and increase water flow from

the basalt aquifer. After deepening

the well the Town plans to

replace all or portions of the piping,

electrical components, and

pump house structure that have

reached the end of their service

life. In order to fund the proposed

improvements the Town has secured

funding from the following

sources: Community Development

Block Grant (CDBG). The

proposed project would likely

be constructed in two phases:

1) Deepening the Existing Town

Well and 2) Improvements to the

pump station. These two phases

are discussed below.

Ground disturbing activities are

expected within the footprint

of the pump station and some

trenching for connection to the water distribution system and

for a discharge line for flushing

from the well.

Deepen Town Well: Construction

will consist of deepening the

existing well by drilling approximately

800 vertical feet or until a

change in the aquifer level is encountered.

The finished well may

be as deep as approximately

1,300 feet in order to maximize

available drawdown and inflow

into the well.

Construct pump station for Town

Well: Once the well deepening

and well testing is complete the

pump house improvements will

be designed and constructed

based on the capacity of the

deepened well. This will consist

of one approximately 25 ft x 20

ft well pump station (houses

well pump, electrical, controls,

piping, appurtenances, etc) and

installation of a buried, ≈ 8-inch

PVC or Ductile Iron (DI) main

from the well pump station to

the City’s existing distribution

system. The City’s distribution

system is relatively close (approximately

100 LF). The City will

also construct an approximately

8-inch buried flushing piping that

will daylight to a nearby drainage

way (approx. 150 LF).

Proponent: Town of Washtucna

Location of proposal:

165 North Columbia River Lane

Lead Agency: Town of Washtucna

The lead agency for this proposal

has determined that it does not

have a probable significant

adverse impact on the environment.

An environmental impact

statement (EIS) is not required

under RCW 43.21C.030 (2)(c).

This decision was made after

review of a completed environmental

checklist and other

information on file with the lead

agency. This information is available

to the public on request.

 There is no comment period

for this DNS.

 This DNS is issued after using

the optional DNS process

in WAC 197-11-355. There is

no further comment period on

the DNS.

X This DNS is issued under WAC

197-11-340(2); the lead agency

will not act on this proposal for

at least 14 days from the date

of publication (11/29/23). Comments

must be submitted by


Responsible official: Teresa


Position/title: Clerk-Treasurer

Phone: (509) 646-3253


165 NE Main St.

Washtucna, WA 99371

You may appeal this determination

in writing to the Town of

Washtucna Council at 165 NE

Main St., Washtucna, WA 99371

no later than 12/13/23 (14 days

from the date of this publication).

Only specific, factual objections

will be accepted

Published November 29 and

December 6, 2023


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