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125 Years Ago

Adams County News

November 16, 1898

The latest fashionable folly is to have one's dog tattooed with the family crest. This is done on the chest immediately behind the forelegs and it is claimed that the operation is absolutely painless. Society young men used to tattoo themselves. Now they tattoo themselves and their poodles. Can there be any mysterious intellectual affinity between the two?

Local and Personal

A gentleman taking pictures of the interior of dwellings, stores and business offices was performing his labor about town Monday. He takes his pictures by the flashlight process. He is reported as in the employ of the Northern Pacific and using his pictures for advertising purposes.

100 Years Ago

Ritzville-Journal Times

November 22, 1923

Puts in new harness

stitching machine

The Ritzville Trading Company has installed in its harness department a Campbell lock stitch machine. This is the latest improved machine for stitching harness leather. The thread runs through a container with melted wax in it so that it is soaked with the wax. The machine is motor driven.

Local Brevities

Rev. Jacob Morach was badly shaken up last Monday morning when the Ford coupe in which he was riding was struck by a Ford truck driven by J.P. Danekas. The accident occurred at the corner of Division and Second Ave., the view of the other car being shut off by the church building. The cars were damaged slightly. Rev. Morach was not seriously hurt.

75 Years Ago

Ritzville-Journal Times

November 11, 1948

Driving case is set for Friday

Trial for Donald Thaut, 19-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thaut of Ritzville, who was charged with reckless driving, has been set for 10 a.m. Friday, November 12, before Justice of the Peace J.P. Koch. Thaut was arrested early Saturday morning when he swung his car off Highway 10 near Carroll's Steakhouse and struck some rocks next to State Highway Patrolman Donald Drake's home. Drake, awakened by the noise, came outside to investigate and made the arrest.

At the Cozy Theater – Lind

"Miracle of the Bells," starring Fred MacMurray and Frank Sinatra

At the Ritz

Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster in "Sorry, Wrong Number"

50 Years Ago

Ritzville-Journal Times

November 8, 1973

All athletes adopt

short hair style

Youths going out for athletics voluntarily obtained haircuts following a hair-cutting party Nov. 5 at Ritzville High School. Now all 23 students on the basketball squad and all 17 youths turning out for wrestling boast the shorter hair styles, for which student leaders George Haase and Jeff White set the example.

These two were clipped by local barber Bruce Benzel during a pep assembly, along with wrestling coaches Grimm and Paul Engle. "I thing it's going to help us psychologically," said Grimm Monday "Now we have more unity of spirit, and we know we have young men willing to discipline themselves and sacrifice styles to win for the school."

25 Years Ago

Ritzville-Journal Times

November 5, 1998

Jim Leffel new partner at firm

Leffel, Otis and Warwick have a new partner on board. Jim Leffel, a Davenport native who has been with the accounting firm since May 1992, was officially named a partner July 1. He is the first addition to the partnership in about nine years. "I'm excited to come on as a partner and become a shareholder in the firm," Leffel said. "There are great people to work with here, and I'm looking forward to continuing the relationships with my clients I've developed over the last six years."

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