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Senior Menus

RITZVILLE – Here are the meals being offered by the H.E. Gritman Senior Center in Ritzville and the Lind Senior Center in Lind.

H.E Gritman Senior Center

The H.E. Gritman Senior Center is serving the following:

• Wednesday, April 5 - Pork chops, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and vegetable.

• Thursday, April 6 - Fish sticks, fries and coleslaw.

• Monday, April 10 - Chicken fried steak, mashed potato, gravy and vegetable.

• Tuesday, April 11 - BBQ chicken thigh and leg, potato salad and vegetable.

• Wednesday, April 12 - Rosemary lemon chicken, crispy garlic potato wedges, and vegetable.

– All mea...


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