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Plea deal reached in Massey case

Court agreement to have defendant relocate outside of Ritzville

RITZVILLE – A plea agreement was reached Jan.18 in the case of Brian Massey, 33, in Ritzville District Court.

Defense Attorney Sara Duross Porto told Judge Andrea Russell that a mental health evaluation for Mr. Massey had been completed by Dr. David Medved from Eastern State Hospital and. Massey had been found to be competent.

With the evaluation completed, the defense and city Prosecuting Attorney John Kragt asked for a resolution in the case which called for a continuance for dismissal on the city charges, with credit for time served on various parole violations.

The agreement includes the understanding Massey would be relocated by relatives to Moses Lake.

Judge Russell bristled at the bargain in light of the defendant’s extensive criminal history, saying “It is a set up,” referring to the possibility for Massey to reoffend.

Both attorneys argued that getting Massey a new start in another city was the best solution.

Kragt said he had spoken with Ritzville Police Chief Dave McCormick and indicated the chief believed a resolution where the defendant would leave town was in the best interest of everyone.

Duross said, “The most important thing to the defense is getting Mr. Massey out of Ritzville.”

Judge Russell asked Mr. Kragt if the homeowner/victim in the most recent burglary charge had been consulted on the resolution.

Kragt indicated he not spoken directly with Mrs. Arlene Snowden, but that Chief McCormick was in contact with her on the case. Russell granted a brief recess so Mr. Kragt could confer with the victim by telephone.

Kragt returned to the courtroom, saying he had spoken to Mrs. Snowden and that she concurred with the resolution.

Massey told the judge he had arranged to be picked up in Ritzville by a relative, on the afternoon of Jan. 18, to be driven to Moses Lake, where he has a job lined up.

The judge warned Mr. Massey against committing new criminal activity following the dismissal of charges, and also pointed to an outstanding warrant for Massey in Grant County.

Adams County correctional officers in the courtroom indicated Grant County would likely not want to transfer him to their custody, as the jails in Grant County are full.

“Good luck Mr. Massey,” Judge Russell said. “You will be getting out and hopefully we don’t see you back here.”


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