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Simple math and common sense


Last updated 10/25/2018 at Noon

The October 18, 2018 article that appeared in the Journal, “Immigrants in Washington: A profile for the Midterms” (furnished by the American Immigration Council), espouses the following “immigrant” contributions to our state economy via federal, state & local taxes, along with consumer spending.

Presented are the state’s published population figures for 2014 and the percentages presented in the article. The article claims “immigrants” are 14 percent of Washington state’s population and 17 percent of our workforce. The article states immigrants paid $5.7 billion in federal taxes; $2.4 billion in state and local taxes; and spent $22.8 billion in consumer goods and services. Totaling $30.9 billion.

In 2014, the population of Washington state was 6,968,170, and the “immigrant” population is stated at 14 percent: 6,968,170 x 14 percent = 975,543.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, within Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska and Hawaii, foreign-born workers make up more than 28 percent of the total workforce. Nearly one of three workers, think about that.

I was unable to locate the workforce numbers for 2014; therefore I will use the 2017 total number of workers. In 2017 there were 3,770,900 people in the workforce. At 17 percent, the number of immigrant workers equals 641,053.

The article clearly infers that the average immigrant worker paid $8,891.62 in federal taxes. ($5.7 billion divided by 641,043)

The article clearly infers that the average immigrant contributed $2,460.17 in state/local taxes. ($2.4 billion divided by 975,543)

The article clearly infers that the average immigrant spent $23,371.60 on consumer goods and services annually. ($22.8 billion divided by 975,543)

According to the cited figures by The AIC, they’ve indicated that the average man, woman, and child immigrant in Washington state contributed $34,723.39 annually to our economy via federal/state taxes and consumer spending. Really?

FAIR, Federation for American Immigration Reform, estimates that providing education for the children of illegal immigrants costs Washington state about $1.6 billion annually, including supplemental services such as English as a second language support. The additional financial burden for law enforcement, policing, court and prison costs due to illegal immigrants adds $176 million annually to the residents of Washington state.

Health care and other social welfare programs are estimated to add $652 million annually to the tax burden of Washington state residents.

It’s bloody time we start using some common sense and ask ourselves what this all means to our families, communities and future as a nation. The greed and self-interest of the few is destroying our society and culture as a whole; and the “Caravan” is coming!

Diane St. John, Ritzville


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