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Guardsmen, troopers ready for protests

Portions of Capitol campus locked down in advance of legislative session


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Roger Harnack | The Journal

The Washington National Guard has already taken up positions around the state Capitol in advance of the opening of the legislative session Monday in Olympia.

OLYMPIA -- The Washington National Guard and the Washington State Patrol took up positions around the Capitol today in advance of the opening of the legislative session.

Roger Harnack | The Journal

A Capitol employee puts safety plastic over a window smashed by Black Lives Matter protesters Sunday afternoon.

Their deployment came as two protests took place in the city.

The only damage reported was a broken window smashed when some Black Lives Matter protesters broke off from the main protest downtown and marched to the Capitol campus, where state troopers awaited them.

After the window damage, the group retreated to the downtown park where the protest was being staged.

Fencing and barricades have been erected around portions of the campus, including the Governor's Mansion, the Capitol Building, the John A. Cherberg Building, the Temple of Justice and others.

Troopers and guardsmen are expected to remain at their posts at least through Monday, officials said, noting several protest groups are expected on the opening day of the legislative session.

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