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By Dale Anderson
Special to The Journal 

Food for Thought

Worst Seat in the House


Last updated 5/21/2020 at 11:18am

These are unprecedented times and a lot of strange decisions have been made - good and bad - in the name of science. Whatever your thoughts here is merely some food for thought.

It's interesting that this COVID-19 pandemic has been so divisive. You would think that we would come together.

I know that there have been a lot of people that have stepped up to donate masks to hospitals, food banks, church members and family during this outbreak.

Those who enjoy sewing have been putting in extra time to crank out masks. (On a personal note, I didn't realize just how much fabric my wife had stashed away for a rainy or quarantined day.)

A couple of weeks back, I said it was time to get back on the horse and get the local economy rolling again.

Some say it is too early and others say that we can't continue to wait. I say that this county is in good shape. I know the county panhandle has had a few issues, but it seems to be localized and no deaths have incurred. The east end of the county is in great shape.

Small businesses are hurting and I would think the state is, too, since the sales tax numbers are down. I have seen the protests and they have been rather tame. It is unusual for working people to protest because they usually are at work.

If you don't want them to be bothersome let them go to work!

Last week, our property taxes were due. I'm sure that most everyone paid them on time even the businesses that are told to stay closed. They should have gotten a reprieve.

I've been watching other states that have even less cases and deaths than Eastern Washington and their business people want to reopen. Some of the more outspoken businesses have been threatened with a revocation of their license if they do open.

How much power should a governor have?

Businesses have been closed for six weeks or better. Don't you think owners have a plan to keep customers safe? I've seen several very inventive ways using social distancing.

Business people are dependent upon repeat customers and a lot of them. There is only one business model that I have heard about that couldn't care less if their customer gets sick or dies and that is a drug dealer.

Do you think that we look at people differently, now?

If you see someone wearing a mask, do you think maybe they might be a COVID-19 carrier? Or if someone isn't wearing a mask, do you think they are somehow a lowlife threat to your health and well-being?

Now, go back to the part of this column that mentions property tax payments. Does your job rely on that money? Have you been furloughed?

What if you were considered non-essential and were actually laid off like someone that worked at a restaurant? Would you be protesting?

What if government jobs were considered non-essential and cutbacks are made for the good of the budget? It happens in private business, why not government?

Just think about it.

When we get the economy back up and running, I hope you realize how important our local businesses are. If your job is dependent on taxpayers then maybe shopping local is a smart thing to do.

I know the prices are lower in the next county over, but you can't tell if those people are smiling back at you behind that mask.

- Dale Anderson is a sports columnist for The Journal. Email him at [email protected]


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