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By Dale Anderson
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Worst Seat In The House: The long wait


Last updated 1/8/2020 at 5:04pm

When you have that many bowl games you hope that at least some of them would be exciting and fun to watch. 40 bowl games are a bit much and when that many 6-6 teams make it to a bowl game you know that there is a good chance that the teams that got bowl eligible by winning six games might just finish the season with a losing record.

There were a couple of head coaches that went to a bowl game which they probably said they would accomplish in an interview for a job and then lose the bowl game and get fired for a lackluster performance on national TV.

I know that a few players decide to save themselves for the NFL and puts the team into a situation where the backup gets playing time and who knows, maybe the backup has a break out game or then again maybe the timing is off and the offense looks marginal at best.

The best bowl to watch was the Rose Bowl. But I think that is usually the case every year. There are times that you really want to watch a football game and then for some reason you see a lot of average play at best and you wonder how the team made it to a bowl game in the first place.

Do you remember when a team needed to win 6 games to get an invite but they also needed to have 6 wins against FBS teams. Not sure when that was changed but now they can have one of those wins against an FCS team. WSU got a win off of Northern Colorado early in the year and the Bears had a losing record.

The problem with limiting the FBS teams to victories over FBS teams came into play when it became hard to find enough teams with six victories over FBS only teams. The only restriction now is that a team can’t become bowl eligible with 2 victories over FCS schools. That is why you don’t see any FBS schools that schedule two FCS schools in a season.

I remember when there were only about a dozen bowl games and the teams had good records and it was a real reward for a great season. I know of a few teams that turned down a bowl invitation because they didn’t think they were deserving of a bowl bid. But the money is pretty good but the extra practices are what coaches are looking for. They can use the time to help younger players develop while first string players try to heal up injuries which is important.

But it is the playoff teams that do the big preparation and take the games seriously and give it everything they’ve got to win in order to play for a championship. Players on those teams don’t sit out the playoffs. They were recruited to play for a National Championship and nothing will keep them from playing in these games.

There is a 16 day break between playoff games this year and a lot of that time will be spent healing up and catching their breath. On January 13 the defending National Champion Clemson Tigers will be playing the No. 1 rated Louisiana State University Tigers at the Super Dome in New Orleans.

It’s been a long wait but it should be worth it as both teams are well coached and both quarterbacks are talented and played very well in the semi-finals so just sit back and enjoy the game. It is going to be tough to pick a team to root for since I really like them both. So I’m rooting for a good game and I think it will be a dandy.


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