By Jeremy Burnham

Washington state to residents: Check your trees


August 15, 2019

The Washington Invasive Species Council has a message for the residents of Washington: Please check your trees.

August is National Tree Check Month, and the WISC wants Washingtonians to take the time to check their trees and swimming pools for harmful insects.

According to a press release from the WISC, 36% of all new insect species discovered in Washington since 1990 have been discovered by the general public.

“This just highlights the importance of reporting any species that you suspect might be a problem,” WISC executive coordinator Justin Bush said in the press release. “Researchers and scientists are surveying for these species statewide, but we need the public’s help. By taking a few minutes of your time, you could help the state prevent and control the spread of invasive species, which pose a $1.3 billion threat to Washington’s economy every year and put our environment and human health at risk.”

Residents are also encouraged to check their swimming pool skimmers and filters, as insects are often found as pool debris.

More information on the on Tree Check Month and what to look for can be found on Washington Invasive Species Council’s website at Residents who do find insects in their trees or pools are encouraged to take photos of the insects, visit the above site and click on “Report Sightings.”

Further questions can be sent to to Justin Bush at [email protected]


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