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Are you offended?


Last updated 8/9/2018 at Noon

I see that plastic straw are being banned in some parts of the country because a lot of them or ending up in the oceans and becoming hazardous to sea life. I understand that the plastic doesn’t break down and is problematic.

What I don’t understand is why so many people are either throwing straws and other plastic in the ocean or neglecting to throw their garbage in the refuse bins at the beach.

Heck, they could also take it away and throw it in their own garbage cans at their residence.

We see how much garbage is accumulated on the road sides. I remember back a long time ago when there was a fine for littering up to $250. I would think that with inflation that the fine should be around $2000 or better today.

There are so many places to dispose garbage that keeping it off the roadways and waterways would be a no brainer. It sounds like plastic straws may be banned by one of the favorite coffee houses.

Maybe the only way for someone to get the point would be to actually clean the roadways or the ocean to see the damage they cause.

I’ve volunteered to do roadside cleanup several times and it cured me from littering the roadways. It is unbelievable what people will toss from their cars.

Please dispose of your garbage where it can be taken care of the right way. We want the highways to be litter free and it can be accomplished.

There are other things that bother me and they usually happen at a sporting event.

I understand people wanting to tail gate and visit and get excited about the game but why can’t they get into the stadium before kickoff, or tipoff?

Why do I always have to hear them apologize for being late and stand up to let them get to their seat and I miss a play or two because they are blocking my view?

Then they leave with two minutes left in the half and arrive two minutes into the second half and we repeat the apologies once again. I really don’t understand why they bought those tickets if they aren’t going be a real fan.

I try to get to the game a little early the watch the teams warm up and do drills because I learn something by doing that. I’ll use the restroom at halftime so I don’t bother other people.

The last thing that bothers me usually concerns one or two of those fine folks that imbibe a bit more than they should and then come back to their seats and think that if they yell really loud the coaches will respond and say to the team, “You know boys, that guy in the stands is right we need to play better defense!”

Thing is the coaches can’t hear the rant just the 10-15 rows of people in front of this guy, because it is usually a guy. Apparently he thinks that we all paid admission to listen to him!

A couple of years ago one of these guys stood up to make a point and yell at the team and fell three rows into some innocent people and knocked a young kid into my back. The kid was scared and started crying. Thankfully the youngster wasn’t hurt.

After that they pulled the guy off of everyone and he spent the rest of the game wanting to know if the kid was okay and apologizing to him every two minutes. I think he must have gotten an earful once he got home because he behaved himself last season.

Ninety-nine percent of the people that come to games are great and we have fun high fiving after touchdowns but every so often someone can become a real pain in the backside.

If someone reads this and are offended by these remarks you really shouldn’t be.

Embarrassed yes, offended no!


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