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Last updated 6/7/2018 at Noon

Once again we’ve hit June which means graduation time is here again. I remember the Class of 2018 as eighth graders when Dustan Arlt and I were hired as the Middle School football coaches.

On Saturday, kids that I once looked eye to eye with towered over me. They grew taller and I didn’t.

I can’t say we had a super successful year but we did see a lot of growth in confidence and tenacity to defeat a Davenport team late in the season after being humbled by the same team in the first game of the season. When you see that kind of progress it is gratifying.

I had a chance to visit with several of these young men. We’ve talked on several occasions in the last five years, whether with smiles after a victory or through tears after a tough loss.

Football is an emotional game and anyone that doesn’t think so hasn’t ever put that much effort into it or ever really played the game for keeps.

As these young men pursue a college degree or pursue a trade I think they will do just fine. They’ve worked hard in several sports and have had varying degrees of success.

I like these guys. They’ve never ignored me or ever not at least said hi. When you coach kids at a young age it is hard not to appreciate the time it took when they needed the most help.

Depending on when you read this column I have either got another day of work to go at Big Bend Electric Co-op, have part of a day left or I’ve just finished up an enjoyable career at a great place to work. I’ve met a lot of people along the way and we’ve shared a few laughs.

I’ve met some real dedicated teachers that put in the time to make sure that their students are getting a good education. I hope that along the way those same students look back and realize what great mentors they had.

It’s easy to be macho but there is a reason the tough to teach can sometimes have their light switched on by a teacher that gets through so to speak.

I’ve met kids that appreciate the little things that people do. A pat on the back can go a long way for someone that doesn’t get that at home.

We all have the ability to mentor the right way. Being kind isn’t a sign of weakness by any means.

Last week Big Bend Electric Co-op hosted a retirement party in my honor. Jim Johnson and his wife Bev were in attendance.

Jim hired me 17.5 years ago. I made sure to thank him for hiring me. He had some very kind words for me that made me very happy that I worked there.

My fifth grade teacher Mrs. Maureen Bourne was there as well. If I was a crying kind of guy the tears would have poured out.

Instead, I could only smile realizing how valuable it is to be part of such a great community filled with friends and neighbors.

A good friend and EWU Eagle fan Kenny G. drove over from Yelm and picked up another friend and former Rugby teammate Roger K. from Othello. They stayed about an hour after the party was over so we had a few well-deserved laughs to share.

I am a very lucky guy to say the least. Not everyone can get up in the morning and look forward to going to work but I did.

Many thanks to all of you that dropped by to wish me well. I’ll never forget it or the relationship we’ve built over the years. It has been a very busy week and I’m glad it’ll soon be done.

I am very proud to say that I will work until the day is done on June 7 because that was how I was taught. Those habits will certainly die hard.

But maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to sleep in on June 8!


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